We support businesses and organizations to preserve the experiential value they offer their employees and/or customers through a facility management organization that puts people’s well-being (customer experience) at the center.

We don’t merely solve technical problems to increase overall efficiency and reduce costs of building assets and “no core” services: we innovate business models, develop and enhance human resources, and secure business operations to make the most of the enormous opportunities for development and growth offered by the market, digital transformation, and the green transition.

“No-core” internal facilities and services are “key” elements of the business model, and a more efficient organization not only cuts costs but also improves the well-being of the people who experience the spaces by unlocking their potential and consequently improving their productivity.

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Strategic Facility Management

Harmonizing the physical work space with the business model: people, places and the key activities.

Legal & Compliance Consulting

Confidently dealing with business challenges in a complex and changing regulatory scenario.

Learning & Change Management

Enhancing human capital by generating opportunities and contexts for continuous learning.

Creativity & Innovation

Quickly adapt value offerings (services and products) to ongoing market evolution.


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