Strategic and organizational Facility Management consulting to coordinate physical work space with human resources and business operations, integrating the principles of economic and financial management, architecture, and behavioral and engineering sciences.

An integrated approach that takes into account the entire life process of building assets, from their design, to the management phase, providing the technical, engineering and organizational activities to support the entire life cycle of physical facilities, according to a principle of lean management and continuous improvement for the government of the life of the building for the benefit of the users who inhabit it.

Main services:

  • Needs analysis and assessment of FM facilities (people, knowledge, processes, resources)
  • Organizational development, consulting, training and coaching of FM service
  • Application of data driven technical and management systems (IOT)
  • Digitization of management processes and documentation – FM
  • Budgeting and financial cost management – FM
  • Specification drafting, maintenance plans and tender management FM (Hard & soft Services)
  • Analysis of operational and management processes for the purpose of energy management improvement, integrating technical survey activities with organizational improvement opportunities.
  • Project Management Activities – FM
  • Complete facility management activities in outsourcing for the management of building assets.

Fabio Giacomelli

CEO / Direttore Area “Strategic Facility Management”

+39 366 6191074


Property and Facility Manager with many years of experience in multinational companies such as LVMH (Louis Vuitton) and Apple Inc., he is now involved in consulting activities promoting an integrated approach to the organization of Facility Management services inspired by the correlation between places, users and business activities, with a view to energy sustainability and digitization of processes to support a process of continuous improvement.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 108 (10121) Torino

Phone (+39) 0115176578
P.I/C.F: 12445460012


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