Organizational support activities in relation to the processes and methods of designing new organizational structures in Facility Management.

We adopt a participatory design model (design thinking) that puts the real needs and expectations of customers and end users (human centred design) at the center of innovation and change. We increase the ability of human resources to work in creative teams to react quickly and successfully to the continuous changes and challenges of digital transformation and green transition as indispensable elements of a modern and efficient facility management structure.

By applying the Design Thinking method, the expectations to be achieved in terms of the end result are identified with certainty, thus avoiding the development of excellent solutions for irrelevant problems.

Main services:

  • Business model innovation and change management (Design Thinking and Business modelling).
  • Team management for the development of innovative services and products (Design Sprint)

Andrea Giacomelli

Direttore Area “Creativity and Innovation”


Experienced designer, project manager of numerous international and European projects and expert on behalf of the European Commission in the field of vocational training. Senior researcher and trainer in creativity and innovation, Design Thinking, Human centred design, business modelling and organizational change.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 108 (10121) Torino

Phone (+39) 0115176578
P.I/C.F: 12445460012


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